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Custom Tags Fit the Way You Do Business!

When it has to be perfect it has to be custom. Custom Tags are exactly the way you want them. Your design, your size and your colors. Die-cut tags, roll tags, four-color process tags...we do it all! Whether you're creating a new tag or duplicating an old one, we can do it.

We manufacture the following types of custom made tags:

Whether you need a tag that's a special shape, comes on a roll, fits a computer printer, or comes in multiple parts, we can make a tag that's right for you.

Creative Tag & Label Co. has been making custom made tags for businesses like yours for over 40 years. We can make as little as 1000 to a million custom tags.

It's Easy to Obtain a Quotation on Custom Tags!

  • Choose the stock/material that best fits your needs. You can contact us for a stock recommendation.

  • Indicate the exact size and shape you need. (Please feel free to send us an example of the tag.)

  • Specify ink/print colors or provide a PMS color.

  • Add additional features such as numbering, bar codes, perforations, punch and patch choices, wires and strings, or special finishes.

  • Send us the above custom tag specifications via E-mail or fax. If you prefer, you can call us with the information. In most instances, you will receive a quote back from us the same day.

For a Custom Tag Brochure, please complete the inquiry form. This brochure provides you with examples of the different custom tags we manufacture along with available tag materials and special features.

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